» Gina Gerson Plays by the Pool - Oculus Rift

Gina Gerson Plays by the Pool - Oculus Rift

Genre : VR, outdoor, pool, petite / slim, Non POV,
solo models, toys / dildos, russian, Virtual Reality

Gina Gerson Plays by the Pool - Oculus Rift

Description :
Petite, sexy Gina Gerson was relaxing out by her pool
wearing only a pair of skimpy thong panties. As she
soaked up the sun she ran her hands all over her tight,
 fit body paying special attention to her small, but
perky tits. As she turned herself on she stripped off her
panties then used her fingers to rub her shaved pussy.
She used one hand to rub and the other to spread her pussy
wide open as she focused her energy on her clit. Knowing
her fingers likely weren’t going to get the job done, she
got out her toy of sex balls on a string and sucked on
them to get them nice and wet. Once the balls were soaked
with her spit she slowly eased them into her pussy, moaning
 as she moved her hips and rubbed her clit then she pulled
them out as she lifted her legs and moaned even louder. With
the toy back in her pussy, she pulled her legs to her chest
and spanked her ass then she pulled the toy out and licked
her pussy juices from it. Moving on to her vibrator, she
started by rubbing her clit with it, making her entire body
clinch as she came. On her hands and knees she reached back
and slid the toy into her pussy from behind. She made eye
contact as she fucked herself with the toy. After trying out
several different positions she ended up bent over with her
ass spread wide open as she drilled her pussy deep and came
again. As her second orgasm subsided, she kicked back and
teased her pussy as she relaxed and enjoyed the sun.

Gina Gerson Plays by the Pool - Oculus Rift


Format: mp4

Gina Gerson Plays by the Pool - Oculus Rift

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