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Lesbian White BoXXX 1 - Claudia Garcia and Lady Lyne Oculus 5k

Lesbian White BoXXX 1 - Claudia Garcia and Lady Lyne Oculus 5k
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Lesbian White BoXXX 1 - Claudia Garcia and Lady Lyne Oculus 5k

In Lesbian White BoXXX 1 we are going to lavish you with a ravishing duo, you will simply love Lady Lyne & Claudia Garcia together. Lady Lyne is the talkative one, hello guys, I brought my nice boobalicious friend Claudia. And fuck me, you will be very pleased she did too. So, we have two seriously hot VR Porn stars in the white box, and you know the fun goes down in there, and we might predict someone will be going down on some soft tingling pussy flaps too. Both Lady Lyne and Claudia Garcia are dressed in black lingerie, with that long silky hair and hot young bodies we know that it's going to be sexual fireworks of the highest detonation. Yes, its a lesbian show. Try not to blow too soon. Lady Lyne is fondling Claudia's tits to begin, shes groping her big bouncy assets, slipping them out for our VR Porn camera rig, have you slipped out your own sex organs yet? We bet you will soon. Rubbing her erect nipples Lady is making Claudia wet between the legs, we know they will both have sticky pussies dripping with excitement. They start kissing, those plump glossy lips puckered together as the lesbian babes get it on, just try not to get aroused by these too, girl on girl action with baby oil is one of our all-time favourites. Just look at these two, we see the oil dribbling over those hard nipples, Claudia has a soft pink type and Lady Lyne a shade darker and we dare say the slightly bigger tits. Frankly we love the double whammy. Claudia starts licking Ladys nipples, already desperate for some clit action this is getting really steamy. We can imagine both their fanny lips, soaking wet, clits expecting and demanding attention as they work each other up into a lesbian girly frenzy of fucking good fanny fun. Lady Lyne pushes Claudia onto her back and opens her pussy crack with her sweet little ass in our faces on the bed. Bingo, she slips in her long elegant finger. Claudia moans and squeals as that oiled-up finger triggers her swollen clit, a really good treat. This is the kind of scene that is a wankers wonder shot and almost too much not to knock one off as you stroke your bell-ends furiously or flick clit thanks to the magic of VR Porn. Now we get to the jerk-off jackpot, Claudia bends over Lady Lyne with her asshole and shaved pussy in our faces. I swear we can smell the essence of girls. We wish we could taste it too. Claudia slips a sex toy into her soaking wet piss flaps sinking it into her cunt and at the same time rims her fantastic annus. Lady Lyne needs some cunnilingus. Her flange is soaking. They are both super turned on. The intensity and vaginal vibe is quite mind-blowing, there is only one way to end this, right in our faces a double lady wank as these two stunners strum their clits fingering their lady bits like a couple of guitar players on stage strumming away. Its a wet clit hit, whats been your favorite bit? Reality take you there in VR.


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File Size: 8.62 GB
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