Better Mate Than Never - Paisley Porter Oculus 8k

Better Mate Than Never - Paisley Porter Oculus 8k
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Better Mate Than Never - Paisley Porter Oculus 8k

VR Porn hottie Paisley Porter is back in her hometown for her 10-year high school reunion. A lot has changed, and she is ready to show her former classmates how sexy and desirable she has become. Paisley Porter plans to seduce all the studly boys who looked past her during her high school days. As luck would have it, she runs into the high school quarterback while out doing some grocery shopping. You cannot believe your eyes as Paisley Porter is easily the finest female that has passed through The Valley in a long time.
You introduce yourself and offer to help take her groceries to her car. While walking your eyes keep gravitating toward Paisley Porter's amazing VR tits and VR ass. She notices you leering at her and decides to turn up the flirting and reel you in. You do not have plans this evening, do you? Glancing at your wedding ring you quickly hide your hands and slip it into your pocket. Paisley Porter grabs your arm and whispers in your ear that she will give you the night of your life. Well, it looks like you have plans now in this 8K VR Porn!
You follow Paisley Porter back to her hotel and quickly make your way up to her room. She wastes no time in blowing your mind by pushing you onto a nearby chair and blowing your cock! The only thing that would make this better is by taking a dip in her sweet VR pussy, which Paisley Porter gleefully offers to you. She whispers in your ear as she rides your cock that she wants you to bust your load in her so she can have a souvenir to remember you by.


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