Get Some Sunn - Ria Sunn Oculus 5k

Get Some Sunn - Ria Sunn Oculus 5k
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Get Some Sunn - Ria Sunn Oculus 5k

Home from college after her first year away from home, Ria Sunn VR isn't entirely sure how to spend her time. After catching up with her family, they returned to their normal lives, leaving the blonde all alone in the house. All year at school she had to share her living space with her flatmate and never had any privacy. All of sudden, she has the place all to herself. She is also incredibly horny. Realizing that she doesn't have to sneak off to the bathroom or hide under her covers listening for someone at the door, Ria decides to treat herself to some quality alone time. She gets dressed up in her favorite lingerie, loving the way the smooth fabric feels on her skin. Stretching out in the big bed, she relaxes and takes her time, letting her fingers make gentle contact with her thighs and the tops of her breasts. It feels good to take her time and she enjoys the blood rushing to all of her erogenous zones. By the time she gets her bra off, her nipples are stiff and aching for attention. The more she touches them, the more her pussy creams. Since she is not in a hurry, Ria enjoys making herself wait. The anticipation is exquisite. When she can wait no longer, her fingers find their way between her legs and slip past the quivering wet lips of her pussy. Not worried about being interrupted, she enjoys every second, every touch, and every slow thrust into herself. Her mind races as she thinks of how much VR porn fun she is going to have inviting you over during break. How good a real cock will feel when she finally gets a chance.


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