» Silky Touch - Lana Roy Oculus 5k

Silky Touch - Lana Roy Oculus 5k

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Silky Touch - Lana Roy Oculus 5k
Description :
Pretty уoung brunette Lana Roy is an aspiring аctress. She is very excited to
have landed her first mаjor audition for a movie role. It is for а famous director
and she knоws that he has an eye for sexy young starlets. Wanting to make a
good impression and let him know she will do anything for the part, Lana gets
dressed up in some sexy black lingerie. She checks herself out in the mirror,
arching her back and sticking her ass out. It looks good, but she still isn't
satisfied. Still in her bare feet, she goes up on her toes to see how her
legs and ass will look when she puts on her heels. That's much better. It
makes her look taller and brings out the shape of her legs while causing her
ass to really pop. She smiles knowing that the director will be unable to take
his eyes off of her. Thoughts of flirting with the famous filmmaker and landing
a role in his movie fill her head. Crawling into her bed, Lana can feel her
pussy getting wet. She fantasizes about being asked to strip down for the nude
scene and keeps practicing her flirting. Peeling her panties off of her body
she opens her thighs and rubs her pussy. She imagines offering him anything he
wants for a part in the movie sliding her fingers into her pussy, begging for
his cock. He is going to love her audition and her pussy so much she is sure
to get the part.

File Name : Silky Touch - Lana Roy Oculus 5k.mp4
Runtime : 00:11:22
File Size : 2.41 GB
Resolution : 5400x2700
Audio Codec : AAC
Video Codec : HEVC
Format: mp4


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