My Laptop Is Broken. Can You Fix It? Oculus Rift

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My Laptop Is Broken. Can You Fix It? Oculus Rift

Description :
Have you ever worked on a project when your laptop displayed the "Blue
Screen of Death" You know, the error message that the screen displays
when something goes wrong and the computer locks up? This is exactly
what happened to Aspen Opal while she was finishing up a project for
work at home. Aspen doesn't mind though. She has been bored out of her
mind and would love a diversion from the monotony of being alone. Aspen
Opal also knows that the IT Guy (you) work is sending to help her is a
complete stud. Aspen has been crushing on you for months now but never
found a chance to flirt or make contact. Today though, Aspen has you all
to herself and has big plans for when you come over to work on her
laptop. Fuck working on her laptop... Time to fuck Aspen Opal.

File Name : My Laptop Is Broken Can You Fix It Oculus Rift.mp4
Runtime : 00:43:56
File Size : 8.68 GB
Resolution : 3840x1920
Audio Codec : AAC
Video Codec : AVC
Format: mp4


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